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Visual Music Circus
Composed by Petros Sakelliou
Privately Published
c/o Rock Paper Scissors (publicity)
511 West 4th Street, Suite 2
Bloomington, IN 47404

Also available digitally, Visual Music Circus is an expressive album blending influences from jazz, classical, and world music into something truly unique. Performed by an ensemble of musicians from diverse backgrounds, Visual Music Cricus features multi-layered orchestration and multi-timbral instrumentation, interweaving to form a grand and unforgettable whole. Highly recommended especially for music connoisseurs in search of something truly original! The tracks are "My Choro", "First Come First", "Stucks", "Ironic Dance Suite I", "Ironic Dance Suite II", "Is It Coincidence?", "Love for Magda and Maximus", and "Swingalong".